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More Than Just Pretty Flowers

Just as the right frame enhances any painting or picture, a carefully designed and executed landscaping plan enriches every home.  A great landscape design transforms your entire yard to tie all of the elements of your property together and present your unique style to the world.



The addition of trees, shrubs, plants, walks, lighting and patios produces harmony and creates a feeling of calm. Having a beautifully landscaped yard simply makes it a nicer and more pleasant place to live.

Artistic Vision & Creativity

Your vision is important.  A custom landscape design shaped by your ideas and dreams for your home will help you achieve a place that looks and feels livable, relaxing and comfortable.


Blending your vision with their expertise and imagination, knowing what plants and materials to use enables M.W. Blake Landscaping Inc. to transform your vision into reality, creating unique and innovative landscapes tailored to fit your desires and the specific characteristics of your site.


Landscaping is much more than pretty plants. Successful landscape design requires expertise in botanical and architectural knowledge, detail understanding of the intended use of the outdoor space, intimate knowledge of how much care the home owner can expend in upkeep, and specific understanding of local weather patterns.


Seeing a garden or yard with a proper and beautiful landscape is both refreshing for the eyes and provides a great feeling of being one with nature in your home.  It is a link between indoors and outdoors. Perhaps most importantly, beautiful landscape design requires an intense visual-spatial imagination to unlock the possibilities lying latent in your property.

Ready To Transform Your Landscape?


Project Gallery

A landscape area that has a cozy and comfortable ambiance that urges you to spend time enjoying the beauty of nature with creative areas like a patio, courtyard, an outdoor living area, dining area or an outdoor kitchen is the best way to take advantage of your home’s surrounding environment.